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+one is both an online platform and an at-home kit. You choose what you need!


Platform + Product

+one is the first one-stop shop that integrates a product and online platform to provide everything you need to take the first step in building your family. +one makes your conception a supported, comfortable, and celebratory experience.

We are first targeting the underserved market of people who identify as LGBTQ. They have been waiting too long for something designed for their particular needs! We’ll then expand our offering to serve a larger audience. Our unique offering is suited to many different ways you might want to build your family.

Helpful info in one place

Helpful info in one place

The +one online platform supports our customers every step of the way with downloadable resources, legislation news, and up-to-date articles.

Three simple tools, designed just right

Three simple tools, designed just right

The +one kit includes an insulated cup, a reusable applicator, and easy-to-read instructions for quick reference.

Expert advice when you need it

Expert advice when you need it

Learn from doctors, midwives, financial planners, and legal advisors in webinars and video consultations.

A community of peers

A community of peers

Our online community is a place to meet and learn from others building their families.

The Need

The desire to start a family is incredibly strong. When most people imagine how they will build their family, they usually picture something a little romantic, intimate, or personal. For LGBTQ people, however, it’s a different story.

“I was immediately put through test after test, but there was no reason to think I was infertile.”

The problem is that fertility clinics are intended to serve women with fertility problems who have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. People without any known issues with their fertility want to try at home first, not go through many expensive tests.

“I really wanted to try at home, but I had to go to a veterinary supply store to find what I needed.”

Additionally, options for finding the supplies needed for at-home insemination, commonly referred to as the “turkey baster method,” range from veterinary and medical supply stores to an Amazon kit that arrives in a lackluster brown box with no instructions.

“There was almost no information available. I wanted to connect with credible resources and learn from others.”

Finally, at-home insemination is a lonely process because there are few online resources and only major urban areas have local resources to help navigate the legal, logistical, and emotional challenges.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to try conceiving at home in an intimate, sexy, or just personal experience. +one is here to help.

Get a Peek

We’re hard at work on our product prototype now. We’ll update this video when we have footage!

Why It Matters

Thank you for doing this work, it is really important.



I think by honoring at-home conception and having it feel special is right on track. This is what we need to start a family.


It can be so isolating to try to get pregnant at home. It would be really great to have a forum where people can share information and talk about their experiences.

RACHEL PEPPER, author of The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians

This is a perfect time for +one to be developed because we are at a time when we want to bring the power of conception literally into our own hands. It is an incredible thing to be at home and create the space that you want.

MAYA SCOTT-CHUNG, MPH, Reproductive Justice Advocate

There isn’t anything like +one currently! I love this idea—it is really needed in LGBTQ communities.

DR. KATHY HSAIO, Surgeon/Chief, Division of Gynecology, California Pacific Medical Center, Sutter Health

Conception should be as natural of a process as possible, which is what today’s consumer is all about.
The at-home conception market for lesbian couples is untapped and ripe for disruption.

DR. WAYNE PAN, Medical Director, Clover Health Labs

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Our Team

We are a team of social impact designers creating products and services to address the challenges facing our rapidly changing world. +one is our first venture and it addresses the need for a more equitable and beautiful experience for family building in the LGBTQ community.

We come from diverse backgrounds—from advocacy, to education, to consulting—but we share a commitment to progressive social change in business. Our decisions are guided by our belief that business must make the world better: from developing an ethical supply chain to engaging community partners at all levels.

We came together while in the MBA in Design Strategy program at California College of the Arts in San Francisco, California.

Rebecca Wolfe

Rebecca Wolfe


Rebecca Wolfe is a creative leader dedicated to designing programs and partnerships for social impact. Rebecca leverages community engagement and human-centered design to create meaningful, sustainable change with and for a diversity of communities. Rebecca currently serves as Student Strategic Program Manager at The Center for Art and Public Life at California College of the Arts where she collaborates with artists and designers to address social needs locally, nationally, and internationally. Along with an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts, Rebecca holds undergraduate degrees in Cultural Anthropology and East Asian Studies, and a minor in Dance from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Fun Fact: Rebecca has been dancing ever since she could walk. She has studied and performed a variety of dance genres, from contemporary to Afro-Brazilian to Bhangra. Her passion for dance has taught her the power of individuals and communities coming together to share in the joy and power of storytelling and self-expression.

Learn more about Rebecca on LinkedIn.

Kat McEachern

Kat McEachern

User Experience

Kat McEachern is a user-centered designer and social justice advocate. Her work has ranged from working on national climate legislation to consulting for GoldieBlox, an engineering toy for girls. Her experiences listening to the needs of communities as a grassroots organizer directly translate into her focus on user-needs discovery as a continual part of the design process. She sees the world as sets of overlapping systems and believes in design’s ability to change societal attitudes and individual outlooks. Kat has an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts and a BS in Design and Environmental Analysis from Cornell University.

Fun Fact: Her love for creating and design is documented on her blog, which has changed over the years from a personal food and craft blog to more thoughtful writings on the role of design in social change and today’s world.

Learn more about Kat on LinkedIn.

Jedda Foreman

Jedda Foreman

Operations and Finance

Jedda Foreman is a an experienced adventurer who delights in finding new routes and vistas to explore, whether outside with young people or when crafting a strategic organizational vision. Jedda understands the transformative power of nontraditional education as a vehicle for creativity and success. She currently serves as project manager and curriculum specialist for the Lawrence Hall of Science’s professional development project Better Environmental Education Teaching, Learning, and Expertise Sharing (BEETLES). Before getting an MBA in Design Strategy, Jedda received a BA in Psychology and Education from Carleton College.

Fun Fact: Jedda worked to mitigate sexual violence at Carleton College by creating sex positive workshops and events, including HOT SEX: Healthy, Open Talking about Sex and Everything Xtra.

Learn more about Jedda on LinkedIn.

Joanna Dillon

Joanna Dillon

Business Strategy

Joanna Dillon is a seasoned strategist, motivated by innovation, business objectives, sustainability, and impact goals. She is a strategy and operations consultant, currently working with the Real Food Media Project, which creates content and campaigns to accelerate the sustainable food movement. Previously, she was the Director of Communications at the Ecological Farming Association and launched multiple innovative community economic and education programs. In addition to an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts, she has an BA in Anthropology from Bennington College in Vermont.

Fun Fact: Joanna was a founder of a time-based currency network aiming to develop economic and social ties for marginalized citizens. She is passionate about exploring social and organizational systems that address issues of efficacy and equality.

Learn more about Joanna on LinkedIn.



Many people provided expertise that helped to advance +one. We are grateful for their support and guidance.




We have been working on this concept and learning about the experiences of LGBTQ people trying to conceive at home since September 2014. Through countless interviews with experts and prototyping sessions with our customer base, we’ve developed +one. Here’s a little insight into our process.