+one Advisors and Technical Support

+one has assembled a board of experts who believe in the mission of the company and offer their deep expertise in LGBTQ advocacy, medicine, innovation strategy, and law to support +one’s business strategy and product development while specifically meeting the needs of the lesbian market.


Maya Scott-Chung, MPH, is a community health educator and advocate focusing on queer families and reproductive justice.

Dr. Wayne Pan, MD, PhD, MBA, is the Medical Director of a healthcare startup.
Kristin Kali, LM, CPM, is a midwife and the owner of MAIA Midwifery and Fertility, a midwifery practice focusing on LGBTQ families since 1991.
Dr. Katherine Hsiao, MD, FACOG, is Surgeon and Chief in the Division of Gynecology at California Pacific Medical Center.

Raffi Minasian is an industrial and product designer.
Elizabeth Glenewinkel, MDM, is a design researcher and strategist.
Steve Diller, MPP, is an innovation consultant and strategist.

Michelle Katz, JD, is a lawyer specializing in startups and new ventures.

To enhance the expertise of the leadership team, +one is working with experts that have specific specializations in product design, medical illustration, and midwifery. These experts are critical to the development of +one’s products.

berta_circleProduct Designer
Berta Arzate is a native Californian who grew up with one foot steadily planted on a skateboard. Her early years spent building ramps and other death traps led her to a career in Industrial Design. Berta enjoys building models by hand and working with wood, as early on she was torn between her love of furniture making and design. In the end, Industrial Design won her heart, by being most encouraging of her curiosity and love of making. In her spare time, Berta spends time with her wife and four small chihuahuas.

katja_circleMedical Illustrator
Katja Tetzlaff is a graduate student at the University of Illinois in Chicago (UIC) in the Biomedical Visualizations program to learn how to be a medical illustrator/biomedical visualizations communicator. Their graduate project work is focused on transgender and gender nonconforming health care, specifically physician education. They create and give illustrated presentations to third-year medical students at UIC about gender nonconforming health, including medical transitioning (effects of hormone therapy, gender-affirming surgical outcomes) and patient daily health concerns (negative effects of chest binding, risks associated with unsupervised transitioning, symptoms of inguinal hernias). Outside of academics, they are an active social rights activist and patient educator, particularly on behalf of the LGBTQ community. *Katja’s preferred pronoun is the gender-neutral ‘they.’