The Need

The desire to start a family is incredibly strong. When most people imagine how they will build their family, they usually picture something a little romantic, intimate, or personal. For LGBTQ people, however, it’s a different story.

“I was immediately put through test after test, but there was no reason to think I was infertile.”

The problem is that fertility clinics are intended to serve women with fertility problems who have been trying for a long time to get pregnant. People without any known issues with their fertility want to try at home first, not go through many expensive tests.

“I really wanted to try at home, but I had to go to a veterinary supply store to find what I needed.”

Additionally, options for finding the supplies needed for at-home insemination, commonly referred to as the “turkey baster method,” range from veterinary and medical supply stores to an Amazon kit that arrives in a lackluster brown box with no instructions.

“There was almost no information available. I wanted to connect with credible resources and learn from others.”

Finally, at-home insemination is a lonely process because there are few online resources and only major urban areas have local resources to help navigate the legal, logistical, and emotional challenges.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to try conceiving at home in an intimate, sexy, or just personal experience. +one is here to help.